August 26, 2013

Cigar Review: A. Flores Gran Reserva Robusto (PDR Cigars)

If you have not noticed, Nicaragua is the country in which most manufacturers are located and where most new manufacturers go to begin. You do not see many manufacturers going to the Dominican Republic or Honduras these days, and I can list a number of reasons why that is. It's a shame that this is the case, but Nicaragua is seen as the bright and new location for cigars while other countries not so much. I will agree and say that you will see a lot more manufacturers in the Dominican Republic who have been in the industry for a long time, and because of that they have given the country this "old" vibe. One manufacturer that has worked in negating this statement for sometime is PDR Cigars. Abe Flores of PDR Cigars began bringing a younger and boutique vibe to the country after many years of it seeming flat. I know E.P. Carrillo was down in the DR doing great things, fairly boutique, but at a different level than PDR Cigars

Made in the Dominican Republic at PDR Cigars, this is one of the two newest smokes by PDR Cigars. The cigar is named A. Flored Gran Reserva, and is a limited edition smoke in the A. Flores brand. The cigar features a Dominican Corojo 2006 wrapper and has a binder leaf that is undisclosed by the company. The filler is a blend of Dominican Corojo and Nicaraguan Habano tobacco, and it is all tobacco that I really love. The wrapper has a gorgeous Colorado coloring, and the wrapper is silky and firm. There are some small veins present overall and it has a beautiful cap. The cigar is slightly protected by cedar, but that is mostly for decor. There is an aroma at the foot of the cigar that shows spices, leather and wood, and I am getting some additional tobacco notes present on the wrapper. For this review I was given the robusto, and the cigar measures 5" with a 52 ring gauge.

The robusto starts by showing some terrific sweet spicy notes. I am getting some nice bits of pepper, but it is accompanied by some cinnamon and sugar notes that are really entertaining. There is a nice bit of leather present with the flavors, and I am getting a nutmeg note more on that then with the spicy beginning. It has a definite red pepper finish and I am getting some light roasted coffee notes with that. It is a lovely beginning and you can get the Dominican Corojo and Nicaraguan Habano with no problem. There is great construction present with the cigar and it has a razor sharp burn line that is producing this beautiful light gray ash that is holding on firmly. It is a solid ash thus far and I am getting a lot of smoke being produced with the great burn. I would say that the strength of the cigar is at a wonderful medium full level and the body is as well.

I am in the second third of the cigar now, and it is in this third that the cigar really begins to explode and open up with flavors. I am getting that core sweet spice flavor to begin with, red pepper, cinnamon and clove, and it is now accompanied by some great cherry and cocoa notes. I am still getting those coffee and leather notes with the cigar, and it is complete in terms of flavors if you ask me. You really can't ask for more than this with a cigar. I would say the body and strength of the cigar are remaining at that medium full level in this third as well, and it is a perfect cigar for me at any time of day really. The construction is still solid in this third. The burn line is even and it is producing that lovely light gray ash. I dinged the cigar in the photo below, but other than that it smoked great. There was a lovely bit of smoke being produced and the draw as nice and cool.

I am in the final third of the cigar now and I find it to be finishing wonderfully. There are still those great cocoa and cherry notes present to the smoke, and it is now accompanied by some sweet tobacco notes. It is very filling and I am so glad I was able to smoke these beauties. There are still those great sweet spice notes from the first third as well, and it has a lovely finish that is showing bits of leather and coffee. The strength and body close out at that medium full level for body and strength and it is a perfect cigar for me at any time of day. The construction in the final third remains as perfect as it has throughout and there is a nice even burn line with a solid light gray ash that is holding on firmly. The final draw is cool and flavorful and I am getting tons of smoke before I lay the nub to rest.

This is possibly one of the best cigars that PDR has produced. They make some great cigars, some are really diamonds in the rough, but this will be a hit to many smokers. The cigar had tons of flavors from beginning to end, and it shows lots of complexity, depth and transitioning as well. To me the cigar grew the further I got into it, and the final third was a crescendo of everything great. The construction on the cigar was magnificent as well and and it had a great draw for me. There was a lot of wonderful smoke produced and the ash was this gorgeous light gray coloring. The packaging on the cigar is terrific because it is classic and simple but ornate at the same time. With this being a limited cigar it would be unwise not to pick up a box of these if available. I look forward to enjoying more of these down the road, and look forward to seeing this make a return at the end of the year. I am giving this cigar a solid 93 rating.

Seth's Humidor Rating: 93

* cigars for this assessment were provided to me by PDR Cigars