October 12, 2012

Cigar Review: Zino Platinum Ten Collector's Edition Toro X

 It has been ten years since the release of the first Zino Platinum smoke, and the line has been incredibly successful since then. Intended to capture the younger cigar audience from the Cigar Boom in the 90's, the cigar was released to capture those great Zino qualities, and be "flashy" as well. Because the line has been out for ten years, and is still incredibly popular, the company decided to release a special edition cigar in its honor. With this they released a cigar in a limited box of salomones, and in ten count boxes of the Toro X with decorative facings. I have enjoyed the Zino Platinum line in the past, but never thought it to be enough for my palate. With the release of the Z-Class they made a cigar more for my palate, and I am here to see if that continues with the Zino Platinum Ten Collector's Edition. 

Packaged in two different manners, the Toro X comes in decorative ten count boxes, with four different styles of artwork as the cover. The Toro X will be limited to 3,600 boxes, with total production of 36,000 cigars. I have looked at all the boxes, and there are a couple that have some awesome artwork. I have read that the cigar begins with a  Nicaraguan wrapper, most likely Habano see of sorts, and has a Dominican binder. Under that is a blend of Dominican and Peruvian tobacco, and it sounds similar to the Z-Class in some ways. The Toro X is  robusto extra in size, and measures 5 1/2" with a 60 ring gauge. The cigar has a lovely Colorado to it, and is toothy with few veins present. It possesses a sweet aroma at the foot, and shows some hay, wood, cocoa, earth and fruity notes.    
Nicaraguan ...Habano?
Lighting up the cigar it has a great opening draw and a great amount of flavors as well. It is showing some lovely Henke notes, and it has some Cubanesque qualities to it. There is a great earthy flavor profile with some cocoa notes, and it has some hay and wood flavors as well. There are some sweet spices present towards the end as well, and throughout there was a nice leathery finish. It was producing a rough burn line with a flaky ash, and it was showing a nice gray ash to it as well. I am finding the strength level of the cigar to be at a solid medium body, and though many could smoke it because of the strength, it is a cigar that an experienced smoker should pick up. Overall, a great start to the smoke and very flavorful.   

I am in the second third of the cigar now and it is showing a nice change in the flavor profile. Those sweet spice flavors have definitely increase in this third to take the reins, and the cocoa and earthy notes have faded. There are still a decent amount of woody and hay notes to the cigar still, and there is this grassy flavor as well. Overall it has a nice barnyard flavor profile to it, and is showing some great Zino qualities to it. Construction wise the cigar is still performing very similar to the second third, and showing a wavy burn and a flaky ash. The strength level is still at that medium body level which is great, because I could smoke it anytime of the day. I will say that even though the burn is not great, the flavors are very enjoyable and I am digging this smoke in terms of flavors.
Slight breakdown on the thirds
When I get into the final third of the cigar the flavors are still very similar to that of the second third, but overall the spice level is slightly stronger than before. Those cocoa and earthy notes are still subtle in this third, no where near what they were in the first third, but those grass, hay and cedar notes are very present. It is definitely showing those Henke Kelner qualities to it, and it is capturing those great Davidoff and Zino qualities which capture Cuban and Dominican flavors. The burn line was still a little wavy in the final third, and producing that flaky ash. The ash was capturing a brownish gray color in this third, and the finish was lovely. It remained cool all the way to the end, and the strength was just a solid medium body. On the last draw the cigar was flavorful and very cool.

I would definitely say that this is one of my favorite smokes in the Zino brand, and one of the best in the Zino Platinum line. The past two releases from Zino, this and the C-Class have definitely been cigars that are attractive towards my palate, and they have been cigars that are flavorful, complex, smooth and balanced. I would personally love to see this smoke in a smaller ring gauge, and in a Churchill format for some reason as well. If you are a fan of cigars with this flavor profile then this is a great special occassion cigar for you. I have not smoked the Salomones version yet, but I imagine it is just as tasty. At times the cigar showed a lot of Henke  Kelner qualities to it, but it also showed some lovely Cubanesque qualities such as an Hoyo and H. Upmann. Either way, a great cigar to honor a line that has been in production for ten years. I give this cigar a solid 92. 
Toro X
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