May 10, 2011

Arturo Fuente King "T" Tubo

King "T" Tubo
In 2009 Arturo Fuente released its first tubo cigar, most tubos don't play a factor in the cigar but in this case it was a release of new vitola in the line. The cigar is the same blend as the Chateau Fuente line and is covered in a Connecticut Shade wrapper with all Dominican fillers and binder. The tobacco is all aged and selected tobacco from their farms. The cigar is churchill in format and measures 7" with a 49 ring gauge. The tube is quite ornate and hides the beautiful Connecticut Shade wrapper underneath draped in cedar. The cigar has a creamy and woody aroma to it and the wrapper is very silky and gold in color.
King "T" cap
The flavor profile of the cigar shows lots of wood, predominantly cedar, cream and spice notes. As I get further into the cigar there is an emergence of coffee notes that plays along with cedar and cream but it finished with a slight bitter finish. As the cigar continues the flavors stay very similar with slight bitter notes on the finish occasionally. Burning very evenly and not ever getting hot the cigar remained constant to the end.
King "T"
I would have to give this cigar an 85 and believe it to be not very complex. The cigar was pleasant but thought that it lacked complexity and strength that I look for in a cigar. This would be a great cigar for beginners and would also be a great gift, because of the tubo presentation, to newcoming smokers as well.

Available at all retailers I recommend.