March 29, 2011

Cain F

Cain F

Cain F 550

I realize now that I forgot to take a picture of the cigar, but there are pictures on the web. After the success of the Cain line, the Oliva Cigar Company and Studio Tobac announced Cain F. Cain F is stronger in body than the original line while still remaining flavorful and balanced. While the Cain cigars are comprised of 82% ligero, the original had 25% of that coming from Esteli; the F has 32% Esteli ligero tobacco. Esteli is known for stronger tobacco and this notion will definitely make the F stronger than the original line. The Cain F is a Nicaraguan puro and has filler tobacco from the three prominent regions in Nicaragua. 

I smoked the robusto in the line, it measures 5 3/4" with a 50 ring gauge and is a beauty in hand. The wrapper is very silky and dusty and has some veins throughout. Smelling at the foot and on the wrapper I got notes of wood, leather and spice.  As I lit the cigar, I was greeted with lots of wood notes, mostly cedar, but also got some spice and leather with it.

 As the cigar continues, the strength grows and grows but so does the flavor. There is a large presence of cayenne, pepper, and wood that continues through the first third and it is a perfect pairing with the strength of this baby. Entering the second third, their is a mocha flavor that emerges with the cayenne and it is paired with some oak. The second third of the cigar is probably the highlight of the cigar and it is a beauty of a smoke. I recommend that when you smoke this cigar you do so after dinner or a big lunch because the cigar is very full. Finishing up the cigar, the spice and wood remain, but there is this graham cracker taste now present and it is a nice finish to the smoke.

I was really happy with this cigar, and I believe that this was the best out of the Cain line. This cigar delivered in body and flavor. I give this cigar a 92 and will look forward to future stock piling in my humidor. There was really no burn problem throughout the smoke and it didn't get hot at the end either. This is one of the first real bodied cigars that has tons of flavor. This is a cigar that must be purchaed by all full bodied and full flavored cigar fans.

Cain F -