April 24, 2015

Cigar Review: El Oso Cub (Warped Cigars)

No need for longer introductions! Today I conclude my assessment of El Oso by Warped Cigars. I have covered Mama and Papa, but today I focus on the baby, El Oso Cub.

April 22, 2015

Cigar Review: Arturo Fuente Rosado Sungrown Magnum R Super Sixty

At the end of last year, Arturo Fuente announced that they would be shipping a new Rosado Sungrown Magnum R with the Unnamed Reserve release, and this new Rosado Sungrown would be a 60 ring gauge cigar. It would be the first regular production 60 ring gauge cigar for Arturo Fuente, and while they have had a 64 ring gauge foot with the Añejo No. 77 Shark, they have never had a consistent 60 ring gauge cigar. The new Unnamed Reserve would be a 60 ring gauge as well, and it was interesting to see the family put out two 60 ring gauges cigars. They have a variety of vitola offerings that range from the 30's to the 50's, but when you produce a 60 ring gauge you enter a new playing field. I don't really care for 60's, I try not to smoke them, but I am curious to see how the family does with the cigar as the Padron Family, who did not do 60's for a long time as well, released one in 2012 and it was a great addition and a solid 60 ring gauge smoke. Today I look at the first regular production 60 ring gauge cigar for Arturo Fuente, the Arturo Fuente Rosado Sungrown Magnum R Super Sixty.

April 21, 2015

Habanos Critic Review: Partagás Petit Coronas Especiales (JUL13)

In general, Partagás is a hit and miss brand for me, with a ridiculous amount of releases in the marca to experience. Partagás is a brand that really has so many releases in the smaller ring gauges, it is easy to overlook so many different releases, as the Shorts and Super Partagás sizes are popular and enjoyable. This has led me to search out the different offerings and really see what differences lie in the blends.  The Partagás Petit Coronas Especiales is the perfect size for me, but a release I never got to given my affinity for the others in the line. The size is reminiscent of Montecristo No. 4 and Bolivar Petite Corona, two other phenomenal releases, so I was excited I found this buried in one of my humidors from a trade with a fellow reviewer.


Habanos Critic Review: Cohiba Behike BHK 54

Every true Habano lovers knows Cohiba and what comes with a Cohiba. They are Habanos that need age, and being the flagship brand for Habanos S.A., they come with a high price-tag as well. I have had positive experiences with the Cohiba brand over the years, understanding that they need time to truly mature and be the great Habanos that they can be, but I never invested deeply into the brand as I don't have the patience needed to really appreciate Cohiba, and the funds with that. That changed though in 2010 when the Behike line was released, a once limited release. As many know, the Behike line is a different blend than any of the other Cohiba lines, and the line itself comes in larger formats and is composed with medio tiemp tobacco. Medio Tiempo is the highest priming of a tobacco plant, and is a priming that is not always present on the plant. It is typically two leaves, and while they are strong and flavorful, they are quite small. This priming is used in the Behike line, and since the line was released it has received much praise and success. I have an initial box of the BHK 52 from the 2010 run never opened, but today I am not talking about that Habano, but focusing on my favorite offering in the line, the Cohiba Behike BHK 54.


April 20, 2015

Cigar Review: Oliva Serie V No. 4

 In 2007, Oliva released the Serie V, and it was a line that would bring much success to the company. They had a solid portfolio to begin with, the Serie O and Serie G were good cigars, but what they lacked was a cigar like the Serie V that was truly exceptional. The Serie V was also the fullest cigars they had released in body and strength, and when this cigar hit the market it hit at the perfect time as smokers were looking for fuller body and full strength smokes. It earned praise left and right, and within a few months of its release it was in the top 5 for Cigar Aficionado. Since then, the line has done well and it has been the flagship line for Oliva. They have added vitolas over the years, but one of the most successful additions to the the line was the No. 4. It was initially a limited production addition to the line in 2011, but since then it has become regular production and in my opinion a smart addition to the regular portfolio. Today I look back at the Oliva Serie V No. 4, and revisit one of the biggest lines for several years.

April 19, 2015

Week in Review (Volume 3, Issue 14)

Seth's Humidor
Week in Review (Volume 3, Issue 14)

I smoked some fairly older lines this week, some new ones as well, but the older lines I smoked are mostly classics in the eyes of many these days. When you talk about the Oliva Serie V and the Padron 1926 Serie with a seasoned smoker, they will talk about the greatness of the lines and when they first hit the market how popular they were. There was a time where you could only find specific vitolas of the Serie V, it was crazy. A lot has changed since then, but the cigars are still great. The 1926 Serie is still popular and nothing has really changed with the cigar. That line has been consistently amazing over the years, and you will never be disappointed there. The Serie V has seen many additions in terms of new sizes and follow up lines over the years, but after coming back to the Double Robusto, it is still great. Let's take a look at the week in review. 

April 17, 2015

Cigar Review: AVO Limited Edition Improvisation Series – Classic Covers 2015

In March of this year, AVO announced that they would not be releasing its annual birthday cigar for Avo, but they did announce that there would be a limited edition release. This announcement followed up the beginning of the year face lift for the company, and the resurrection of the brand, similar to what did and is happening with Camacho. The new limited releases would be called the Improvisation Series, and like the brand it would be themed around music. The first release would be titled Classic Covers, and as the AVO brand manager Scott Kolesaire stated, it is a "cover" of the AVO Classic. They wanted to offer a modern take of a classic release, and so they used the base blend with some tweaks here and there. I love the concept, and the relationship to music with that, so with that being said, let's take a look at the new AVO limited, the AVO Limited Edition Improvisation Series – Classic Covers 2015.