August 22, 2014

Cigar Review: Jericho HIll Willy Lee by Crowned Heads Cigars

In walked the sheriff from Jericho Hill...He said Willy Lee your name is not Jack Brown...You're the dirty heck that shot your woman down
Here are some of the words that inspired the latest creation from Crowned Heads. Like many other releases from Crowned Heads, the Jericho Hill is a line that pays tribute to the city of Nashville, Tennessee, home of Crowned Heads. While the great Johnny Cash was not from Nashville, nor June Carter, they lived their lives within the Nashville Metropolitan area. The new Jericho Hill is a line that is receiving much praise from cigar smokers recently, and is a follow up release to the limited Las Calaveras that was also produced by My Father Cigars S.A. and released earlier this year. Today I break down the Willy Lee, the largest vitola in the line, and go into this review pondering a question. Will my truth end me up in Folsom Prison singing the Cocaine Blues? We shall see.

August 20, 2014

Cigar Review: Vegas Robaina Don Alejandro

When it comes to the double corona, Habanos knows what it's doing. I wish I could say the same for the American market, but overall they fail in making the size. Habanos can make a two plus hour smoke wonderful, and deliver everything that it needs to deliver from beginning to end. There are very few smokes in the United States that are true double coronas, and the ones that are there are no where near as good as these smokes. The cigars typically lack in complexity and the other important aspects in a big cigar. I think there is a reason there are not many in the United States, and that reason is that there is no point in competing with Habanos S.A. When you think of double coronas by Habanos though, there are a few that come to mind and a few that are forgotten. Hoyo, Partagás and Ramón Allones are the most well known brands with double coronas, but one brand that does not get as much attention, and is a great brand that Catfish has brought back to my radar, is the Vegas Robaina brand. In circulation since 1997, this is a brand that for 17 years has had some winning smoked. Today I look at one of these Habanos, and look at a Habano that has seven years of age on it. The Vegas Robaina Don Alejandro.  

August 18, 2014

Cigar Review: Headley Grange Laguito No. 6 by Crowned Heads Cigars

To this day, Cuba continues to inspire non-Cuban manufacturers and cigars in the United States market. The island may be "behind the times" in some sense, but overall it is an island that is continuously releasing cigars that lead us to developing cigars very similar to those in the United States. For so many people saying their cigars suck, they are still leading by example. One major line from Habanos that receives credit for its responsibility in the creation of cigars in the United States is the Cohiba Behike line. It is a line that caught smokers attention with the vitolas used, finishing touches to the cigars and the packaging itself. I think the Cohiba brand in general has inspired many brands, the factory as well, and that is why today we look at another cigar that is based off of a vitola in the Behike line. The vitola that I am referring to is called the BHK56, but in the factory it is called the Laguito No. 6. It was first recreated with the L'Atelier LAT56, but today we look at the latest creation based off of the BHK56, the Headley Grange Laguito No. 6.   

August 15, 2014

Cigar Review: Balmoral Royal Selection Anejo 18 Rothschild Masivo

Balmoral. While the name does not mean as much in the United States, it is a name that means something in Europe and it is a brand that is well received over there. Like most cigar companies right now, they are trying to work their way into the United States market just as some companies in the United States are trying to work their way over to Europe. What is fortunate for them is that distribution is now being handled by Drew Estate, so they will have a good chance getting in the doors at retail shops across this great nation. Because they are being taken care of by Drew Estate, some of their cigars were sent out to online media members like myself, and today I take a look at the special Balmoral Royal Selection Anejo 18 Rothschild Masivo. I have never smoked a Balmoral before, but I enjoy a lot of cigars made for Europe coming out of the DR and Central America so I am looking forward to the smoke.

August 13, 2014

Cigar Review: Flor de Selva No. 15 by Maya Selva Cigars

In 1995 a cigar was released in France. That cigar was the Flor de Selva and since its release it has done very well in the country and Europe. The cigar was meant to appeal to the French smokers, which I see how it has, and since then the company has released additional lines. Well, like anything, the cigars have grabbed attention from smokers outside of France and Europe and made its way across the Atlantic to the United States. The company behind this cigar is Maya Selva Cigars, and they are led by the female leader Maya Selva. She is a Honduran entrepreneur who has seen the greatness in her country and based her blends around Honduran tobacco. The cigars have slowly been making their way to the United States, and this year the company will be targeting US smokers. Because of that, they have reached out to some individuals like myself for their thoughts and so today I look at the Flor de Selva which is a line that has received much praise from Cigar Journal and European smokers.