September 19, 2014

Cigar Review: Padrón Family Reserve No. 50 (Maduro)

It has been 50 years since Jose Orlando Padron founded Padron Cigars in the area of Miami, Florida called Little Havana, and 47 years since he first visited Nicaragua and established a home there for the family as well. Throughout those 50 years the company has seen great times and tough times, but they continued throughout that entire time to make Padron Cigars, great cigars, and do well as a company and family. There are not many companies that have been around for 50 years, and the ones that have been around for that long or longer you can really count on one hand. It is because of this that we see the Padron Family as a classic company, and they are seen at a higher status. The family has done well over the years, releasing masterpieces, and in 2007 the company launched their newest line to date, the Family Reserve. Since then there have been four releases under the Family Reserve line, and this year we saw the fifth to honor their 50th anniversary. They have a very limited and special release to honor their 50 years as well, the Little Hammer, but the more readily available anniversary release is the Family Reserve No. 50. I have been smoking Family Reserves since they first became available, and today I look at the newest one, the Family Reserve No. 50 Maduro.

September 17, 2014

Sensei's Sensational Sarsparilla: The Collaboration of Cigar Dojo and Espinosa Cigars

Espinosa Premium Cigars and Cigar Dojo are pleased to announce today their first collaboration project, Sensei;s Sensational Sarsparilla. The project is the first time the two companies have worked hand in hand, but this is not the first time Cigar Dojo has created a cigar. The cigar gets its name from the once popular drink Sasparilla, and this was a drink that was common in the Midwest and believed to alleviate health conditions. The release will be a limited batch release, and the cigars will come in ten count bundles. They will only be available through Famous Smoke Shop in Easton, PA, and total production numbers has not been released.

Cigar Review: Tatuaje Tattoo Caballero

 When I first saw the name Tatuaje Tattoo, the first thing that came to mind was the movie Mickey Blue Eyes with Hugh Grant. In the movie, Grant's character is about to marry Jeanne Tripplehorn's character and her father, played by James Caan, is an Italian mafia head who for cover owns a restaurant called The La Trattoria. Grant makes the obvious comment, you know your father has a restaurant called "The the Trattoria," to which Tripplehorn's character says yes, I know in a less amused tone. For some reason, that scene of the movie comes to mind when I think of this cigar and while it may not come off as positive for the cigar I am about to review, I really enjoyed the movie. Anyways, today I look at the Tatuaje Tattoo Caballero, and see how this budget friendly release is for Tatuaje Cigars 

September 15, 2014

Cigar Review: Espinosa Laranja Reserva Toro

I love it when a manufacturer changes things up and releases a line that is not what you would expect from the brand. It is always great to see these companies leave their comfort zone and head into an area that is unknown to them and new to us as well. To do this, Erik Espinosa decided to release a new cigar this year for Espinosa Premium Cigars, and release a cigar that was very different from what we have seen from the company. The cigar revolved around a unique wrapper that is from Brazil, a country that is mostly known for its Mata Fina tobacco, but this wrapper is not Mata Fina. This wrapper is called Laranja and like it's name, which is orange in Portuguese, it is orange in appearance. We have seen Brazilian Habano wrappers used in the past, but it is the first time we have seen Espinosa take on a wrapper from Brazil, and I look forward to see how it smokes. Enough with the introductions though, let's take a look at the Espinosa Laranja Reserva.

September 14, 2014

Week in Review (Volume 2, Issue 28)

A big week of smoking, this was a week filled with some great cigars. Some were new, but for the most part a lot of them were cigars I have smoked in the past and come back to because I wanted something really good. Something interesting that I smoked this week was a French puro that was enjoyable and different, and a cigar I would want to come back to again down the road. but was not a cigar that I was blown away by. Besides that, I smoked some great Nicaraguan puros, some terrific Habanos and the first Mexican San Andres from My Father that I have really enjoyed. Take a look!

Ammodors: An Introduction into Ammunition Can Humidors

When one thinks of a humidor, the last thing that comes to mind is an ammunition can. I would not say that is because every cigar smoker is using a traditional desktop humidor that you buy at a cigar store, I mean, Igloo Coolers are being used as humidors, but an ammunition can is a bit of a stretch when envisioning a humidor. There aren't many guys that have ammunition cans lying around and they aren't something you see at stores often, so why use them as humidors? Well for starters, they look awesome. I mean, there is something about storing your cigars in a humidor that gets the testosterone flowing, and with the handles on top, you can carry them around as well. You want an awesome travel humidor? Check out Ammodors.

September 13, 2014

From Guayaberas to Suits: The Acquisition of Toraño Family Cigars by General Cigars

Just this week the cigar industry was shocked and awed about the acquisition of the Toraño Family Cigar brands by General Cigars. There are always rumors of small companies that will be taken in by these larger corporations, but when the news came out that General Cigars acquired the brands of Toraño Family Cigars, I was completely surprised. To this day I remember my first 1916 Cameroon, and I am going to be honest in saying that if I lit one up now, it would not be the same. There is something about this industry that projects a since of tradition and heritage that when an acquisition like this occurs, myself and others find it quite discomforting. This is an industry like no other, and it is an industry that really promotes the brick and mortar stores; stores that are run by families and not run in the corporation fashion. That is why when I see a family company, who promotes the sense of family and history, sell their brands to a large corporation, I ask myself "what?"