October 24, 2014

Cigar Review: Tatuaje Jekyll

Since 2008, Pete Johnson has been releasing probably one of the most sought after limited edition cigars for the American market. Each and every year, the Monster Series release does incredibly well and consumer across the nation call retailers to reserve a box of that year's release. Whether it is a dress box or a plain box, consumers are eager to pick one up and have for enjoyment and or collecting. No release has reached the level of some Habaos limitadas in terms hype and price, but nonetheless, the annual releases are incredibly successful and well received. The cigars have been titled after "monsters," or creators of monsters, from novels and films over the years, and this year Pete Johnson has done something even more exciting in my opinion. This year's release goes hand in hand with next year's release, and that is new to the series. He has created a release that is dependent upon its successor, but even that cigar is dependent upon its predecessor. The two cigars are the Jekyll and Hyde, and they get their names from the well known novella, Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde by Mr. Robert Louis Stevenson.

October 22, 2014

Cigar News: Swisher International, Inc. Acquires Drew Estate

This is not a new piece of material to any of you reading this. The story has been out for a couple of days, but I thought it important to write this well for my readers and not just throw it out there for the masses. I am not that type of site to begin with, I am more a complimentary site, so that is why I decided to take my time on this piece and write it in a manner that is news worthy but also personal. I have had the opportunity to spend time with Drew Estate employees, not just at events or in the States but at Drew Estate, and because of that I wanted to do them and the company justice. I have been in communication with some company members since the acquisition, and it is reassuring to see that they are doing well and their spirits are high. They are actually very excited about this acquisition, and they should be. Drew Estate is a great company, and even if you don't love all of their cigars, you have a great amount of respect to the individuals in the company. We have all seen Jonathan Drew at events spending time with each person building that personal connection, and that is not something you see from other parties. They are a company of visionaries and they work everyday to deliver those visions to us as consumers.

Cigar Review: JFR XT Corojo 654 XT

I may be completely wrong here, but I feel that a majority of cigar smokers out there, and I don't mean the cigar nerds like myself, but a majority of the everyday smokers know the JFR brand. More than likely, they know that brand better than Casa Fernandez, and I am sure if you asked them about Casa Fernandez and the connection with JFR, there would be some confusion. One of the reasons why I believe the JFR brand is better known is that the cigars comes in 50 count cabinets, which gives it a great amount of shelf space, it had a packaging that was bold, simple and to the point, and it had a friendly price tag. You throw all those attributes together, plus enjoyable flavors and nice construction, and you can see why the brand is well know. I don't know the actual numbers for the brand, but I would be surprised if it didn't do well. To build off that brand, and reach to a new market, Casa Fernandez just released the new JFR, the JFR XT, at the IPCPR show this past year.

October 21, 2014

Cigar Revisited: Viaje Exclusivo Leaded

While medio tiempo tobacco has been used in years past, it wasn't until 2010 that it really began to be known about by most cigar consumers. It was that year that Habanos re-released the Behike and within the blend was medio tiempo tobacco. Medio tiempo tobacco is found at the highest part of the tobacco plant and is very scrace. The leaves are typically much smaller than the other leaves on the plant and you will typically only find two of these leaves. After the Behike, Casa Fernandez announced that they would be using medio tiempo tobacco in a specific limited vitola in their new line, Casa Fernandez Miami. That specific vitola was the Casa Fernandez Miami Reserva Toro, and it eventually became its own line. Since then the tobacco has been used in other blends, Casa Fernandez always disclosing when they use it, and one of the manufacturers that is using it is Viaje. Andre announced earlier this year that he would be using medio tiempo in the blend of his new tweaked Exclusivo blend, the Exclusivo Leaded.

October 20, 2014

Cigar Review: La Colmena Amado No. 44

I was struggling in coming up with an introduction to Warped Cigars and La Colmena. I could not think of anything that truly did it justice, so bear with me as my introduction is longer, but important to the company.

The idea of having your cigar assembled by one individual is an idea that is not common anymore. Yes, you can occasionally attend a cigar event where there is a roller bunching the cigar and applying the wrapper, but it is uncommon. It is even more uncommon to come across a factory where they have a roller doing the entire process. When you enter into a factory, you will have a buncher, the individual assembling the filler blend together and applying the binder, and the roller, the individual applying the wrapper. These two will be working together to create your cigar, and they are simply called a pair. But, there are some factories that apply the true Cuban method, and they have rollers doing the entire process. These rollers are ranked depending on their skills, and the highest ranking is Level 9. El Titan de Bronze is a factory that uses this method, and they are a factory located in Little Havana, in Miami, Florida.

October 19, 2014

Product Review: Ammodors (Ammunition Box Cigar Humidors)

It has been 14 days since the completion of the seasoning period of the Ammodor and it is time to give you all an update and my final thoughts. I picked out 26 cigars, random cigars from my collection, and loaded them into the Ammodor. I had a 72% RH Boveda pack available, so I placed that in there as well to use as my humidification device. I closed the lid and began my testing. I decided that I would check the humidity once a day and would check it at 09:00 AM. I left the Ammodor at my office, so I did not check it on the weekends, but come Monday morning I was opening that bad boy up and taking a look at the relative humidity level. Below are my numbers from the test period.

Week in Review (Volume 2, Issue 32)

This was a classic week of "I am not going to spend anytime smoking bad cigars. Life is too short to smoke bad cigars." I smoke tons of cigars, some for review and some for personal enjoyment, and while this week had me smoking cigars for review, I found that I was really focusing on cigars that I truly enjoy. There are a lot of other smokes out there that I love and didn't get to, Illusione and Casa Fernandez come to mind, a lot of Cubans as well, but this week I focused on some stuff I really enjoy. Well, forget the Cohiba Maduro 5. Anyway, let's take a look at what I smoked, and let me give a shout out to people like Jose Blanco, Pete Johnson and Kyle Gellis of Warped Cigars. Keep up the great work you three!