September 1, 2014

Cigar Review: The King Is Dead The Last Payday by Caldwell Cigar Co.

Today I conclude my review of the premier lines from Caldwell Cigar Co. and look at The King Is Dead. It has been an incredible journey exploring the offerings from Robert Caldwell and he has come a long way since his time at Wynwood with Christian Eiroa. His blends have improved tremendously, and while I was a fan of his Wynwood smokes, the new smokes by Caldwell Cigar Co. have been terrific. I have had no complaints with anything I have smoked and everything has been so different and so good at the same time. The King Is Dead may have been released with the other blends at the same time, but to me this is the line that comes off as the first. It is a line that pays respect to the past and has a history that tells the story of Robert Caldwell before Caldwell Cigar Co. and lead the path to the new journey with the company. When approaching the line, Robert Caldwell pointed me in the direction of this particular smoke and explained that there was something special in this blend. Today, I looked at The Last Payday.

August 31, 2014

Week in Review (Volume 2, Issue 26)

This was a good week of smoking. I did not smoke too many new cigars, but I did smoke some great ones from all different levels. Whether they were from the Dominican, Honduras or Nicaragua, or composed of Dominican, Honduran or Nicaraguan tobacco, they all showed some awesome flavors and unique qualities. I am asked by many, where is my favorite country or region for tobacco, and I always struggle in answering that. There are so many great regions growing tobacco right now, not just in Central America or the Caribbean either, that it makes it difficult to really pinpoint my region of choice. At the end of the day, give me a cigar that has Cuban, Dominican, Honduran and Nicaraguan tobacco in it.

August 29, 2014

Cigar Review: Villa Zamorano Robusto by Maya Selva Cigars

With the announcement of Gabriel Alvarez as the new director of sales in the United States, I thought it was only fitting to review another stick by Maya Selva so soon after reviewing Flor de Selva. I am smoking my way through the brand and I came across this cigar that has really wowed me. The cigar is called Villa Zamorano and it is a bundled cigar for the company. I do hate the word bundle because I think it ruins great cigars just by saying bundle, but it is a more affordable cigar. I think Maya said it perfectly in a video about the cigar by saying this a cigar filled with good tobacco. It is not a "sophisticated cigar," but rather a cigar that is filled with good tobacco. What I love about what she has said is that she emphasizes that the cigar still has good tobacco in it, it is just not as flashy as some of the premier blends. Every company needs an everyday cigar and for Maya Selva, it is Villa Zamorano.

August 27, 2014

Cigar Review: Mbombay Classic Robusto by Bombay Tobak

If you head out of Los Angeles in the direction of Joshua Tree, you will hit Palm Springs. It is a desert resort city in California and is home to Fame Wine and Cigar Lounge. The lounge has been around for 12 years now and is well known for its craft beers, great selection of wine and terrific cigars. The lounge has been very successful over the years and earlier this year they announced that they would be creating their own brand, Mbombay. I was made aware of the brand through a press released they sent out earlier this year and since then the company has been investing time and money into online media, targeting smokers nationally. Today I review one of their two lines, the Mbombay Classic, and see what the company is all about and what they have to offer the industry as a manufacturer.

August 26, 2014

Maya Selva Cigars Announces Gabriel Alvarez as U.S. Director of Sales

Beginning September 1st, 2014, Gabriel Alvarez will be joining May Selva Cigars as the Director of Sales in the United States. Before joining Maya Selva, Gabriel was working with Kuuts, LLC. as Operations Manager where he handled day to day operations of the company. Before that, Gabriel was owner of a successful cigar shop in Miami, Florida that he left upon accepting the position with Kuuts, LLC.